The launch

After months of thought, discussion with various people and organisations, we’re launching LB’s Fighting Fund.  On a rainy Saturday afternoon, eight days before LB’s birthday. In a week that included a remarkable development in the horrible space we’ve occupied for the best part of this year. The NHS Trust have commissioned an independent investigation into LB’s death. This was a puzzling development in some ways. Kind of brilliant news, but at the same time, not really something to ‘celebrate’. How could it be really? LB died. And crushing questions remain about why he died.

Anyway, today the fund and (more) action. To raise money towards the costs of legal representation at the inquest (which will be held at some point in the next year).  Many people have said they want to help in some way and we hit on the idea of raising some of the money using LB’s remarkable artwork.

If any legal costs are recovered, or the artwork generates more money than the legal costs needed (because he was a cracking artist, after all, and any number of fridges/shelves/noticeboards across the country will be brightened with one of his postcards), any remaining money will be split between two exceptional charities; and Oxfordshire Family Support Network (OxFSN). 

To find out more details about the fund, click on the ‘about’ tab. To see our fundraising efforts, and the artwork available, click on the ‘fundraising’ tab.

I hope the information is clear. Please shout if it isn’t.

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