Fundraising, Chunky Stan and ‘old people’

Well fundraising has taken on a life of its own in many ways. LB’s cards, postcards and prints are filling postbags around the country (and further). People are tweeting photos of their cards/prints, blogging this fundraising link and chipping in with offers of help/fundraising suggestions. The warmth, collective rage and upset about what’s happened and the stories attached to some of the emails, are both heartwarming and heartbreaking.

On Saturday we had a stall at LB’s school Christmas craft fair. Selling, in addition to LB’s artwork, some donated beautiful Jangneus ‘seconds’ and pictures by LB’s grandad.


It was lovely to see pupils and staff.  (Sob). And to hear more stories about the dude who never stops delivering. Clea came along with her mum. LB was in the first class Clea taught at school (she maintains this class is the reason she’s stayed at the school all these years).

Clea’s mum recalled turning up to help in the classroom one day. LB turned to her and announced; “My dog told me I’d be hanging out with old people at school today”.

Hilarious. That he said it. That she remembers it. And that we’re laughing about it. So many years later.

One response to “Fundraising, Chunky Stan and ‘old people’

  1. Classic! Dudes like this hold a very special place in teachers hearts! Never forgotten. Xxx

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