A bit more news

Apologies for the delay in updating the fundraising total so far. Slight issue around a forgotten security code – brain like a sieve and all that. (Well, brain pulverised by relentless happenings but let’s keep this blog one of cheer and positivity…) We have a total now.

And not having a total for several weeks did not detract from the remarkable dedication of various fundraising fairies. Special mention here:

Sonya Barnett who encouraged, collected and managed a range of orders from the staff at the school she teaches. My work colleagues, led by Trisha Carver, who have given up their lunchtimes to create spectacular  Christmas table decorations. Effort that makes me cry (good) tears.

We received the cheque for LB’s book cover (Approaching Disability: Current Issues and Critical Perspectives by Rebecca Mallett and Katherine Runswick-Cole, coming out next year). What a remarkable achievement. And what a brilliant contribution to the fund. The dude rocked, and continues to do so.


And more remote efforts via social media. The demonstration of the reach, flexibility and power of which (heartwarming to a complete geek) has been a positive dimension to this whole experience. George Julian invited people to request a personalised postcard from her to free up space to buy some of LB’s cards.  Bringing back memories of those old Royal Mail ads around the importance of receiving a personal letter/card in the post.

The email orders for cards are including stories. Stories that resonate, stories of outrage, recognition, familiarity and similarity. All sorts of stories. And people have been tweeting pictures of their cards or pictures, pinned to noticeboards, framed,  just received. Including this nudge from Chris Hatton;

These efforts are so important to us, not least because they signal a collective demonstration that what happened to LB is completely unacceptable. That change is needed. That things cannot be.

So, an enormous thank you.

And the total at 26 November is: £4096.34.

Four thousand and ninety six pounds and thirty four pence. Bloody amazing.

One response to “A bit more news

  1. So pleased for you, fantastic support. That mail room must be fairly buzzing! Xx

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