Starting a new year…

Been a bit hands off the fund for the last few weeks. Sorry… Luckily the likes of George Julian (@GeorgeJulian) and Nick Hodge (@Goodchap62) are doing a stonking job of keeping momentum going. And I have to say an enormous thanks to my mum, Val, who has sent out countless postcards/prints, battling the Christmas queues in the post office, to keep things pretty much up to date. She is only waiting for one address now, so if you ordered cards a couple of months ago and haven’t got them yet, could you email to let her know? Thank you.

Anyway, the total raised so far is an unbelievable £5608.20This is a remarkable amount and all the more remarkable as it’s based on LB’s artwork. The thought of his pictures bouncing around the country is beyond heartwarming. Enormous thanks to everyone for their support.

In fund-related news, Oxfordshire Family Support Network (one of the two charities any remaining monies will be donated to) have been doing some scoping work to explore the potential of creating a local and national peer support network for families who have relatives admitted to assessment and treatment units. It sounds like this early work is going very well and there is a lot of positive interest from both families and various organisations. This, again, feels absolutely right as families are more likely to be able to provide detailed knowledge about the needs, interests and aspirations of the person in question, and are therefore central players in the achievement of a good life with and for them.

So, onwards and upwards. A new year and all that may bring. I posted this short film of LB’s recent school times on mydaftlife the other day but I bloody love it so here it is again…

One response to “Starting a new year…

  1. Caroline Hunter

    What a fantastic amount! I have sent LB’s cards as far afield as Australia, France,Crete and Scotland! They have been much admired. How can I get involved with the possible support group please. Our lovely 22yr old son was admitted to a Treatment and Assessment Unit on the 11th October, and is still there. Thanks Sara – I thought of you and your family a lot over the Christmas period. Love, Caroline x

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