LB’s bus and a touch of Cliff

This blog is a bit of a sunshine space for me at the mo, unlike mydaftlife which I could rename  isn’tlifeshite? at the moment. This is a space where people’s enthusiasm, delight and interest in LB shines through, as well as collective outrage about what’s happened. Who’d have thought a dude that so few of you actually met could have made such an impact?

Dudelicious. Dudetastic. And how it should be.

This week I can report on a map tracking the distribution of LB’s pictures across the world  set up by George Julian. What an incredible idea. Inspired by a tweet by Tanya Moore.  And how amazing to see how far LB’s pictures are spreading. The green stars are the depots. These are based on the first three characters of the post codes that the cards have been sent to. The red stars are the destinations that people have sent cards to, or  where they have received them. If you want to add a destination, you can email George at or tweet the destination including the hashtag #LBBus. There is a slight backlog on the map as I just emailed around 50 more depots to George tonight.

In the spirit of the adoration of all things buses. Here’s a bit of Cliff*…

* …run with Cliff, eh? I wanted to do the opening credits for The Double Deckers but there’s some sort of embargo on this on youtube.

Update: Nope, not a good enough caveat for Rich, so for those of you who ain’t Cliff fans, here’s an alternative…


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