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Bit of a speedy fundraising update here as it’s all going on over at #107days. A brilliant and diverse set of awareness and fundraising actions. I’ve sorted the picture on this blog which was probably wrong from the get-go, thank you for your patience.

We have so much action planned over the next 95 days it’s remarkable. I won’t give too much away as we have a programme to rock your socks off and don’t want to spoil the element of surprise (being accidental  professional campaigners n’ all…) Some days will (hopefully) make people think and reflect, some will make people laugh and some will make people cry (just received photos of one day of action that has floored me, in a blubfest of the best sort).

It’s really shaping into a fantastic demonstration of all things dudesome. And a collective sense of outrage and understanding that the way in which particular people are treated is wrong. And unacceptable.

A social worker who made a donation yesterday captured this simply and brilliantly;  “You inspire me to ask more questions, do more checks, be an irritation and an annoyance. Most of all, I will admit when I have made mistakes and say sorry quickly and mean it.”

It really ain’t rocket science.

So the total raised so far (with a reminder that if we recover any of the legal costs or, if it looks possible in a completely jaw dropping way, we raise more than the legal costs, the money will be split between Oxfordshire Family Support Network and INQUEST) is £9390.12

Keeping pace (literally on days 18, 24 and 95) perfectly with the legal costs so far.

I can’t finish without a mention for My Life My Choice, our local self advocacy group. These guys have supported us from the start and have stood up against potential backlash from funding streams to say that what happened to LB is unacceptable and change is needed. They’ve written  to everyone who should be written to, dedicated a (happiness) Sting Radio show to LB, have a #107day on June 24th and donated 50 Baxter Bears to the cause. Cracking support from the dudes who know.


Plans for the Baxter Bear 50 are still in discussion but keep an eye out for developments…

And finally a message from my mum who is coordinating card and print sales exceptionally… can Fiona E, Darrell (and J) C and David G email their addresses. She hasn’t been able to send your orders.

Ooh, and a limited off of 50 postcards for £42/107 for £82 inc. P&P….



(At last) interest in how a fit and healthy young dude could drown in an NHS hospital is growing. Not headline news (learning disabled people don’t really qualify as full citizens in this country) but signs that people are sitting up and taking notice.

On the fundraising front orders keep coming for LB’s beautiful cards and prints. You can track where these cards are going on LB’s bus map. A larger canvas print will grace The Tizard Centre (which seems completely appropriate given the brilliant work this group do around learning disability). We also found out this week that Rodger’s Coaches are naming one of their coaches ‘ConnorCo’. How cool is that? He would have LOVED it.

And, in terms of funds raised so far, the total is an astonishing £8272.83.

Thank you.


Three people haven’t sent their addresses for their cards, so if you haven’t received your order, please email so we can put this right.