(At last) interest in how a fit and healthy young dude could drown in an NHS hospital is growing. Not headline news (learning disabled people don’t really qualify as full citizens in this country) but signs that people are sitting up and taking notice.

On the fundraising front orders keep coming for LB’s beautiful cards and prints. You can track where these cards are going on LB’s bus map. A larger canvas print will grace The Tizard Centre (which seems completely appropriate given the brilliant work this group do around learning disability). We also found out this week that Rodger’s Coaches are naming one of their coaches ‘ConnorCo’. How cool is that? He would have LOVED it.

And, in terms of funds raised so far, the total is an astonishing £8272.83.

Thank you.


Three people haven’t sent their addresses for their cards, so if you haven’t received your order, please email so we can put this right. 


7 responses to “Wow!

  1. jennywalkabout

    Bloody Marvellous! Keep spreading the word! #justiceforLB X

  2. Reblogged this on Tangling with cancer and commented:
    This is such an important blog from my friend Sara. Her son, Connor, drowned in the bath whilst in the care of the NHS and the initial inquiry found it was a preventable death. Everyone else involved in the inquiry process is funded but parents have to fund their own solicitor to represent them in a complex legal world. You can buy cards and prints of Connor’s fabulous work to help support the legal costs. They are really great and I would urge you to take a look and maybe buy one or two. It really is for a very, very good cause. Thanks xx

  3. LB’s fund deserves every penny….come on folks.. I don’t know Sara but have followed her blog through a friend and I urge you to donate if you can

  4. Sara, I asked Shelley today at the PIIG MEETING if she thought it would be alright if I put details of your fundraising on my Facebook page. I would like to use the photo of Conner from your website but wondered if you would object? I don’t want to do anything you’d be unhappy with.

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