Running out of words…

Sorry, such sporadic updates here. Too much going on to catch up myself! Over at #107days, the brilliance continues. A riot of awareness raising, joyfulness and fundraising. I just wanted to post an update of the funds raised so far. An unbelievable;


Enormous thanks, as ever, to everyone who has contributed in whatever way. We’re making waves. And who knows, this may lead to effective change.

Finally, advance notice that the LB stationery range has been extended to include these beautiful blank notebooks, courtesy of our lovely neighbour. Details to follow about how to purchase these individually or in sets of three.




One response to “Running out of words…

  1. Wow, what a lovely set of books.
    I thought about LB yesterday as I went on a vintage bus and steam rally with my own dude.He loved the bus ride on a King Alfred line bus in Hampshire yesterday.The bus had been found in Southern Ireland in a farmers field after the bus company closed in Winchester in the 70s and was beautifully restored.
    Jan Sun

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